Wireless Office Calling System, Pack of 1 Kitchen Button, 3 Menu Button with Service,1 Display and 2 Watch Receivers


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Model Number: APE9600;APE6900;APE560;APE130



     Have you ever in a restaurant, in here you ready to take your order, but you can’t find in any place the waiter or waitless? The wireless attendant or server call paging system can solve your problem.

Wireless fluid system is widely used in the service area. It includes for guest use watch button and signal receiver using the waiter. When the guest need what service, he or she just press the button near him or her, his or her desk number will be displayed in the music or watch pager warning voice. Therefore, the waiter can provide very timely service

Main characteristics of APE9600:

01. Display a group of two-digit

      The figure at the end of number shows:“1” means ordering, “2” means beverage, “6” indicates service,  “8”said bill, the waiter can make a distinction between different customers with different needs based on mantissa. 

02. Each pager can set different chord music

03. Twelve beautiful chord music, with voice reporting function

04. With a 180 call extension, can be displayed simultaneously in English and figures

     The numbers can be from 01-99, the letter from the A1-A9, etc. (the letter include ABCDEFHP)

05. The display time length of the call number can be arbitrarily

06. Length of call sound can be selected

Main characteristics of APE130:

  Modern, simple, firm and durable

  Special water-proof handling, practicability and security 

  Anti-temperature, humidity change, with security, stability, reliability.

  Three keys to call, the functions of service , bill and cancel

  Match to any type of receiver

Main characteristics of APE6900:

1.     It is waterproof, and the waterproof grade is IPX7. (It can be put into 3.3ft (1.0m) deep water, then it still can work for more than 30 minutes.)

2.     It has calendar, clock and alarm clock function.

3.     With fast delete function, it can delete one registered number or all registered numbers with only one key.

4.     Downloading the registration information through the serial port, makes the registration easier.

5.     It can charge in order to avoid the problem of frequent battery replacement, super standby time (about 5 days).

6.     With encryption function, avoiding the information lost by mistake operation.

Main characteristics of APE560:

01.Equipped with waterproof base

02.Stable login mode

03.Anti-temperature and humidity changes

04.The number can be changed optionally with strong re-use ability


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APE9600B, APE560M, APE6900;APE130

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